Alvaro S. Vidal Apartments

The Neighbourhood

The Alvaro S. Vidal apartment building is located in a mature part of town with several amenities within walking distance. Across the road is a spacious park with a water pool for children. Down the street to the east at an easy walking distance is a Loblaws Food Store with more than everything one would expect in this area of town. Going west, still within walking distance, are coffee shops, pizza shops, storefronts of all types and walk-in medical clinics. Just around the corner are a City library and a lawn bowling green. Several churches are also very close by.

Transportation Services

In terms of transportation, next to the Loblaws Store is the entrance to the University subway system. Immediately out front is the St. Clair Avenue streetcar system. From here, one can travel the world or downtown Toronto to cinemas, stores, specialty hospitals, and medical facilities.

More Than Your Average Apartment

The Alvaro S. Vidal resident is a family or a single who wants to maintain an affordable home. This apartment building has shared hostel rooms and large 2 bedroom apartments.

The residence is an apartment building consisting of 30 apartment units.

The residence has an amenity laundry room.

Using an affordable housing model, the residence has subsidized rents for those who qualify, allowing us to accommodate residents with various income levels.

Application Process

Simply fill in the survey and you will be contacted within 48 hours

    The residence is ideal for a senior whose mental health challenge or physical condition is reducing their ability to design a nutritious diet, shop for food, bring it home, prepare it, and clean up after the meal. The dining room amenity allows them to focus on the Active Daily Living requirements of independently ageing in place.

    In order to qualify for accommodations, most residents require a formal relationship with a community-based caseworker. The Administrator works with the caseworker to determine the number and kind of support needed from the community to retain the tenant’s independence.

    Applicants will be required to be fully vaccinated.

    Please fill in the survey, and you will be contacted within 48 hours.