The Source of the Energy and the Commitment for the Sionito Mission

The fundamental assumptions of the Sionito Group of Charities are sourced from within the principles of the social work profession and the peace and justice imperatives of the faith based group which initiated the charities. Both are dedicated to changing society towards civility.

Social Work is a profession that naturally advocates for and is driven by change. The profession exists on a broad, varied and complex terrain however, it is one of the few professions whose writings and deliberations focus on both progressively improving society (social service policy) as well as improving the individual lives lived in that society (casework / counseling). Almost by definition it takes a stand against intolerance and indifference. It takes particular note of groups of citizens that have been disadvantaged, marginalized or impoverished within the present society or individual lives that suffer from a disability or other barrier that prevents them from freely and fully participating in society. Social Work's central value, is the societal worth of every individual and their right as a human being to be accepted into and participate in their society. This central value is enshrined in all human rights legislation from around the world culminating within the United Nations. (A Canadian was one of the central writers of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.) This central value is also a pillar within the concept of civil society. Civil society in which citizens are not oppressed by authoritarianism, in which individual freedoms are protected and in which the pursuit of justice is unopposed now represents the present plateau of humanities’ evolutionary development from the cave dwellers through tribal nationalists to the present global village. As a consequence of this central value Social Work is focused on supporting, encouraging and coaching each challenged individual towards a balanced and self-normalized life experience while advocating for an enlightened, accepting, inclusive and compassionate society. Essentially it is an advocate for guided change; change directed by a core value best expressed as aggressive, intentional compassion. The profession's greatest challenge, at its most fundamental level in a societal context, is to balance the need to advocate for and produce change while at the same time receiving its funding from the establishment; a complex highly organized system of tradition based governance and values. At its most fundamental level when it is focusing on the individual, the profession's greatest challenge is the need to balance individualist prerogatives and freedoms with "normalized" socially accepted and community building behaviours. Regardless of these challenges the profession is essentially first and foremost a profession involved in sponsoring change. It is this imperative of promoting intentional change at both the individual and societal level, that the Sionito group has adopted as its guiding motif. The Sionito Group of charities is focused on extracting the Social Work value imperatives and applying them more broadly as the core value foundation of a civil society, a society in which each citizen takes responsibility for themselves and for their fellow citizens.

Sionito is open to partnerships with faith groups, such as its initiating group, the Community of Christ, that hold to the same value within a theological context that "every person is of worth in the sight of God". Sionito is open to partnerships with any Civil Society Organization (secular or religious) that affirms the worth of persons with passionate compassion.

Sionito emerging from its dual roots affirms that the imperative of a civil society is that every citizen is a person of worth and it is their right as a human being to be accepted into and encouraged by their society. Civil society stands against both the intolerance of bad people and the indifference of good people. Intolerance or indifference, attitudes or actions; all are the targets for the organizational energies of the Sionito Group of Charities. For Sionito marginalization is not an option within this multi-sourced value system. Community building is the program of choice. Community building is its mission.