Resident Guide

It is the mission statements that energize the teleological quests of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). The mission is what provides members of these organizations with the passion to fulfill their mandate as they achieve its response to its ever changing environment. This passion not only energizes each member but it is what is mutually felt between and across the relationships that make up the organization. Properly developed it is what transforms an organization into a community. Without a mission there is no emotional engagement, no sense of meaningful endeavor, no sense of community. Those who value expending their energy and skills in a meaningful cause or venture rely on the mission statement to sustain them through the mundane and the difficult challenges of producing societal change. It presents the positive attitudes and values that form the “drive” for the actions and program of the organization. For many, to become personally engaged in a societal building mission is the way to live life passionately. In fact living and working passionately is becoming the central value of the modern work ethic promoted by “self-motivation and organizational development gurus” across all progressive organizational spectrums. We work for money, but the human condition requires something more, whether you are the CEO or the night security person we search for ways to contribute to our fellow workers, our organization’s clients and to our society. The Sionito Group at the Bill McMurray Residence has translated this core value into a program of developing intentional, inclusive, compassionate communities of mutual support and encouragement. In choosing this method of effecting change it has chosen to be driven by and energized by what it considers to be the imperatives of a civil society.