How Donations Help

Donors and Foundations can choose to support the “program operations” of a Sionito charity OR “capital upgrade projects.” Either type of donation will receive a charitable receipt that the donor can use for income tax deductions. Funds can be directed to a specific program or project as determined in discussions with the Chief Executive Officer. Either type of donation will strengthen the ability of the Sionito charity to give each tenant a new level of life-ability as they age in place.

Program Operations

Presently, in operations, Sionito is working towards providing staff with an activation program that can help residents rejoin the community in the recreation room for various activities. With COVID, many of our more senior tenants have become trapped within the self-isolation requirements of the last two years and need encouragement to rejoin the community’s activities safely.

Capital Upgrades

Our focus presently is on developing a solarium extension to our foyer at the Bill McMurray Residence.

Ways to Give

Individuals can give now or leave a legacy

Sionito Community Development Corporation

Bill McMurray Residence

In Person

Corporate Giving


Grants follow the traditional approach of providing a sum of money that receives a charitable receipt.

Investment Loans

Within the emerging social economy, investment firms are searching out ethical, environmental and social investment products for their portfolios. In the cause of a more civil society, these groups are balancing their commercial and social investment objectives. Often government funding is contingent on community-based funds being attracted to the social housing project. Consequently, the Sionito Group of Charities becomes an ideal investment platform within the context of Canada’s more civil society. Some of the opportunities available are:
1) short term 18 to 24-month bridge financing for the land development process
2) short term 18 to 24-month construction financing
3) long-term 10 to 30-year mortgages.
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We have programs where meaningful interactions with our residents can occur if you have time. You will be interviewed, and we will discuss where your skills can best be applied to you.

Please contact the CEO